COVID-19 Field Compliance Guidelines for 2021 TYA Softball

Apr 8, 2021 5:25 PM
Coach J

The following are the guidelines for use by the Towamencin Youth Association TYA Softball and Hatfield-Towamencin Baseball organizations for all Spring 2021 programs.

Proper social-distancing and related safety measures should be followed, consistent with local, County, State and Federal guidelines for organized youth athletic programs.  

  • Families need to remain aware of and adhere to restrictions for transportation to/from all practice/game sessions, and limit their attendance when player and/or family health conditions warrant
  • Proper social-distancing will be maintained between all coaches and players before, during and after the assigned practice/game sessions
  • Coaches will ensure participants who gather on the field of play adhere to proper safe-distancing guidelines
  • Coaches and players will be required to wear face coverings/masks when in close-proximity with one another, such as in a dugout; Players will not be required to wear a face covering while in the field and properly distanced from other players/coaches
  • Coaches will keep a face covering in their pocket during high intensity drill work. 
  • Each time a coach brings players in for close-contact instruction or discussion, the coach will put on a face covering 
  • All adult non-coaches and non-playing children will be required to remain outside of the playing area and obey proper social-distancing standards for that venue
  • All adult non-coaches and non-playing children are encouraged to wear a mask should they choose to not remain in their car during each practice/game session, and follow current social-distancing guidelines in effect for Montgomery County and that field
  • All players (catchers, fielders, batters) are encouraged to provide and use only their own personal equipment (helmets, masks, bats, gloves, water bottles)
  • Each player must have their own water / beverage bottle clearly labeled with their name
  • Gum chewing, sunflower seed chewing/eating/spitting will not be permitted on the field or in the dugout area
  • Players are reminded to avoid touching their face with their hands; they will be reminded to use their shirt-sleeves or a personal towel to wipe away sweat from their face
  • Coaches will advise against and actively discourage “high-5’s”, handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, and other displays of sportsmanship involving direct personal contact; instead, sportsmanship will be encouraged with a tip of the hat from a safe distance
  • Players are encouraged to wear a face mask in place of a mouth guard  Players wearing protective masks will be reminded to use their shirt-sleeve or a personal towel in order to remove sweat from their face 
  • Coaches will enforce proper distancing between each batter in line for the batting cage
  • Coaches leading infield or outfield practice, when utilizing a catcher or a coach to throw the ball to the coach hitting, will maintain proper distancing 

For more specifics on Pennsylvania Guidelines:

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